Four principles for good goal-setting.

● Make your goals CLEAR - a very specific goal that you can measure is more likely to be accomplished than a vague one.

● Make your goals CHALLENGING - you want just enough difficulty to keep your brain motivated and interested, while still being able to achieve milestones within your goal.

● Be COMMITTED - you should put measures in place to stay accountable. This part pulls in motivational theory, which put simply, speaks to how we are motivated both within ourselves and by outside influences. Think of it like a scale, if our internal motivation is low, we need to amp up the external motivators to stay on track. Consider telling friends about your goal or posting on social media so you can be cheered on. Find an accountability partner to check in with regularly and talk about the challenges and successes you’re having.

● BREAK IT UP - to keep our internal motivation alive, we have to feed it. Break your goal up into milestones that you can hit at regular intervals. Each time you succeed your brain feels rewarded and stays motivated for the next milestone.

Erin’s Badass Tip: Make sure you create some goals purely focused on you and what you want to accomplish in life. Your life already focuses heavily on caring for someone else, so it is important to create a few goals that have nothing to do with your caregiving duties.